Biographical Information about Khotin

Khotin is the recording project of Edmonton-based electronic artist Dylan Khotin-Foote. Over the last decade, the producer has drifted freely between genre experiments, every move linked by distinct melodic and impressionistic sensibility. His dance-leaning output, marked by years of involvement in Vancouver's underground landscape, is both offset and informed by a deep interest in downtempo sound, the mood of stillness, the melancholy after the club. A Khotin track has an instantly recognizable swirl: warped synth, breakbeats, and piano mingling with wistful samples, field recordings, and other abstract snippets.

In 2014, Khotin released his debut album on 1080p, followed by a run of 12”s and remixes on labels such as 4AD, DFA, Pacific Rhythm, as well as his own self-release imprints Khotin Industries and Waterpark. Khotin signed to Ghostly International in 2019, giving a wider vinyl release to the previous year's tape, Beautiful You, a nostalgia-nudging study on melody and memory that captivated a cult following and earned a rare 4.5 review in Resident Advisor. His next collection, Finds You Well, further refined the sound, landing in Mixmag's Albums of 2020. With his forthcoming LP, Release Spirit, Khotin releases himself from the pressure of expectation; it finds him freer and more intentional, focusing on tone, pacing, and dynamism, shaping environments from the inside out. A definitive Khotin full-length, out on Ghostly in early 2023.



Khotin – Release Spirit (Ghostly International, 2023)
Khotin – Finds You Well (Ghostly International, 2020)
Khotin – Beautiful You (Ghostly International, 2019)
Khotin – New Tab (Pacific Rhythm, 2018)
Khotin – Hello World (1080p, 2014)


Khotin – Mind Altar / A Loving Blue (Khotin Industries, 2021)
Khotin – Dream Mentor (Public Release, 2020)
Khotin – Aloe Drink (Public Release, 2018)
Khotin – Baikal Acid (1080p, 2016)
Khotin – For U To Feel (Heart to Heart, 2015)
Khotin / Dan White – Split (Normals Welcome, 2015)
Khotin – Vitebsk (Normals Welcome, 2014)


Khotin – Piano Theme (Pacific Rhythm, 2020)
Khotin – Angel Epicenter (Ghostly International, 2019)
Khotin – Mornings II (Live at New Forms) (Procare, 2018)
Khotin – Nimbus (Tomi's Pad Mix) (Pacific Rhythm, 2016)
Khotin – Tsoi (Clan Destine Records, 2015)
Journeymann Trax ft. Khotin – Arboreal Harp Jam (1080p, 2015)


Pool Boy – Moderate Winds (Khotin Remix) (Noire & Blanche, 2021)
Bing & Ruth – Badwater Psalm (Khotin Remix) (4AD, 2020)
Guerilla Toss – Retwisted Crystal (Khotin Remixes) (DFA, 2019)
Teen Daze – Drifts (Khotin Remix) (Flora, 2019)
Chelou – She Rock, I Roll (Khotin Remix) (Concrete Dog Records, 2019)
Secret Lover – Far Off (Khotin Remix) (All My Thoughts, 2018)
Earth Boys – Big Time (Khotin's Omega Trek Mix) (Public Release, 2018)
Chromatic Filters – Evolving (Khotin Remix) (Rebirth Records, 2017)
Gonima – Subdivided (Khotin's Bubbler Mix) (Slam City Jams, 2016)
Shit Robot – Is There No End (Khotin Remix) (DFA, 2016)

Other Alias/Groups:

Area 3 – Amb (Khotin Industries, 2020)
Area 3 – Area 3 (Khotin Industries, 2020)
Rest Corp – Infinity Scroll (Normals Welcome, 2018)
Waterpark – Speedline Connect / Sun Runner (Waterpark, 2017)
Waterpark – Data Orb / Nessie's Revenge (Waterpark, 2017)
Port Sarim – Oak 1 (L.P.C., 2017)